Parent Dyslexia Training Program

I met a very interesting woman yesterday, who is running a Dyslexia parent training program, called Syllabee. It teaches parents to be the person who can help their child learn to read. This is, in theory, much more efficient and cost-effective than hiring a professional to teach one’s child to read.

I’m very interested in something like this model for working with parents of children with ADHD, and I’m excited to learn more about the program. I obviously can’t really recommend for or against the program, since I only heard of it yesterday. But it sounds very interesting and promising!

Judge my hand by its size, do you?

Judge my hand by its size, do you?

I am a power user, I have been in love with my handheld devices since 2001, I use these device one-handed, I am a woman, and I have women sized hands. ... I'm not okay with having the only device that fits my body be the "budget model". I want to do what I have always done with Apple products: I want to pay a premium price to get the very best and have it be thin and light.

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Mindset Impacts Learning (and Motivation)

I can't recommend this webinar highly enough. It opens with some critical educational research that everyone needs to hear, regardless of whether or not you have children or ADHD in your life. She summarizes the literature beautifully-- 10-15 minutes is well-worth understanding yourself and your personal learning/motivation better.

All parents: please listen and begin breaking the habit of saying, "You're good at..." or "I'm bad at..." ASAP. It's a hard habit to break, but it is so important. We are, and should be, defined by where our efforts are placed far more than by slight differences in in-born ability.

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ADHD Experts Podcast : 137- "I Can Do This!" How Mindset Impacts Learning in Kids with ADHD


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