Coaching Groups & Workshops

Why a Group?

Group coaching and workshops are a great way to get perspective, structure, and accountability to accomplish your goals. It's about partnering with clients for a thought provoking experience to maximize their potential.

More support. Have the support from both a coach and a group of people with a similar situation to your own! 

More efficient. While the research suggests that groups are beneficial sources of support, they also often cost slightly less than one-on-one coaching. 

Groups & Workshops

Parents of Children with ADHD

Group coaching on topics related to raising children with ADHD. There will be topical lessons, group support and problem-solving, and provide accountability and trouble-shooting for trying out new tactics and techniques.


Structured Work Group

Need some structure and accountability getting your work done? Using a technique sometimes known as "Body Doubling", we will virtually gather together to work on a specific project of your choosing. We will say what we're going to work on and identify potential obstacles, then get to work! Afterwards we'll identify what we finished and what we would like to accomplish on this project between now and next week.


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