Judge my hand by its size, do you?

I am a power user, I have been in love with my handheld devices since 2001, I use these device one-handed, I am a woman, and I have women sized hands.

When my 5s started getting too sluggish for my massive computing need, I bought an iPhone 6s. Even though my hands were sore at the end of the day from holding my big phone so long, I thought I would get used to that size of phone. After a year and a half, I haven't, so I probably never will. My hands hurt frequently and its harder than it used to be to hold up my iPad because my fingers are already fatigued. The 5s remains the ultimate form factor for me.

I did, however, get used to 3D Touch, which was a feature I instantly saw amazing productivity potential for. So when the iPhone SE was released, sans 3D Touch, I wanted to, but couldn’t, sell my 6s to get it. My muscle memory couldn't seem to give up that supreme convenience-- especially when typing.

I love to compose long writing projects on my phone, one handed. These writing sessions aren't always planned. Sometimes inspiration strikes and I don't realize what I've gotten myself into until hours have passed and my hands are cramped and sore from holding up this heavy monstrosity.

This week I lost my last hope for a new phone that fits me when the only update to the beautiful iPhone SE was a capacity bump.

Shut up and take my money!

I'm not okay with having the only device that fits my body be the "budget model". I want to do what I have always done with Apple products: I want to pay a premium price to get the very best and have it be thin and light. I don't understand why this is so difficult.

I don't care what ports have to be removed, if the battery is halved, or if it costs more than the plus sized phone for all the extra engineering required to shrink the internals. I want the latest features and processing power/RAM inside a device that fits comfortably in my hand. Please Apple, why won't you take my iPhone money?!

Give me a little phone or give me…??

The way Apple Watch was handled was perfect: the only difference between my 38mm watch and the 42mm is screen size and battery life. (For the record I don't care about having the biggest camera. But don’t pull crap like giving the plus sized phone an extra gig of RAM— I don’t care if it’s supposed to be for the camera, I need more computing power!) I know some women are okay with using phones two-handed, but I can't seem to retrain my muscle memory— I just suddenly find my hands hurting after a long work session and it's too late to hit "rewind". This is about my geekiness and my health-- why do I have to choose?

I know I'm not the only one who wants this. So, let me just raise my small, compression-gloved hand and say, "Me too! I want a little phone, too!"