+ What is ADHD coaching?

ADHD Coaching is about quality of life. Sure, you can keep trying to finish your work the same old way, with somewhat unsatisfying results. Or you can stop pushing a rope and gain a teammate who will help you identify your strengths and strategize better ways to accomplish the same task, with less stress.

Your ADHD Coaching Ally will help provide accountability for your goals and help you strategize ways to make those goals work for you. My coaching style is all about taking actions and setting goals that are energizing, instead of draining.

You might even learn something about yourself along the way. Coaching also helps us to learn about our own, internal barriers, and discover ways to move past our inner doubts and procrastinations.

+ What happens in Coaching?

Coaching is a highly personalized experience. We meet, usually weekly, and talk about what isn’t going the way you want it to go, and set new goals. We'll identify potential barriers to accomplish those goals, and then make a realistic plan, with concrete actions. Subsequent meetings usually follow up and refine-- I'll ask "How did it go?" If it went great, we'll take a moment to applause. If not, we'll refine and come up with a new plan, as well as address new topics that come up.

Because coaching is so personal, it doesn't look the same for everyone. But this is a partnership, so we'll create what it looks like together.

+ What's the difference between a coach and a therapist?

Psychologists and therapists are especially helpful to cope with depression, shame, trauma, and other negative feelings that can tag along with ADHD. Some psychologists can also be good coaches, but therapy is supposed to focus on healing negative feelings. Coaching focuses more on planning and implementing practical strategies to live and work better. My coaching style is particularly information and action-oriented.

Coaches and consultants vary widely in their training, certification, and specialties. I have a degree in cognitive neuroscience, so I try to help people understand their own brains better. I emphasize how to work with our brains by creating realistic, sustainable lifestyles and habits. I also work to help you create a life that's a good fit for you.

+ Where would we meet?

I primarily schedule phone meetings with clients at present. I spread my time across Portland, Eugene, and Springfield. Arrangements may be made to meet with clients in those cities. If you are a business looking to hire a coach to work with your employees, contact me to book special appointments or speaking event at your location.

+ What do I do next?

  1. Schedule a Free Consultation. No commitment, ask me anything.
  2. Decide if you want to work with me. You're in charge.