+ What are the benefits of seeing an ADHD coach?

  • It’s a safe place to explore problems and goals, then come up with plans and solutions together
  • A coach can provide accountability and structure.
  • Having someone to report our progress to can help us keep us pace with our goals and not lose sight of them when the stuff hits the fan.

You can:

  • Improve time, calendar, and task management habits
  • Work on perfectionist tendencies and discovering when a job is "done enough"
  • Lower stress and manage attention
  • Get out from under the guilt & shame cycle of not getting stuff done
  • Decide what's important to tackle, and what obligations it might be time to let go of

Every meeting is an opportunity to focus on yourself and the improvements you want to make in your life. It's a chance to pull out of the weeds for a broader view.

+ Can I get coaching for coping with someon else's ADHD?

ADHD coaching is not only for people who have ADHD, it is for anyone whose life is affected by ADHD. Some people come to coaching to work on their relationship with their ADHD child or spouse. They can learn more about how their loved one’s brain works and how to be helpful to them instead of butting heads over the unimportant things.

If you’re not interested in trying coaching yourself, you may also sponsor the coaching for a loved one. (Though they must be interested trying in coaching and making life changes for coaching to be effective.)

+ What's the difference between a coach and a therapist?

Psychologists and therapists are especially helpful to cope with depression, shame, past trauma, and other negative feelings (some of which can tag along with ADHD). Coaching focuses more on future and goal-oriented exploration, planning, and implementing practical strategies to live and work better. We can focus on creating new habits and managing life. Coaching can help you look towards the future, and improve your quality of life.

Some people see both a coach and a therapist, and I am ethically obligated to recommend my clients consult with a doctor or therapist if I feel coexisting condictions are interfering with our coaching goals.

+ Do you accept insurance?

No, I've never come across an insurance company that would cover coaching.

+ What happens in coaching? What can I expect?

Individual coaching gives you a one-on-one casual opportunity to discuss concerns, explore options, come up with practical life improvements, and learn more about yourself.

We often start discussing your current goals, what may be holding you back, and how to achieve those goals. We may set additional big-picture goals (such as, "get more clean out my house"), as well as creating a specific goal and agenda for each meeting. During subsequent meetings we will follow up with the previous week's tasks.