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I help you get your work done, better. ADD/ADHD Life Coaching is a great option to get your life under control and start doing great things! I work with clients remotely by phone or video chat.

ADHD Coaching works best for adults, college students, and adolescents. For children and parents, I recommend starting with Parent Consulting to get all your ADHD questions answered and enable you to get your kids started on the right path!

I understand the ADHD Brain

Through studying cognitive neuroscience and working with people diagnosed with ADHD, I know a lot about how ADHD brains work best. I've learned to spot common pitfalls early. ADHD Coaching cultivates understanding and compassion for our brains. This will enable you to work better and live a more fulfilling life. 

I'll coach you to work with your ADHD, instead of against it

ADHD brains aren't defective, they're just different. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Life goes a lot smoother when people leverage their unique gifts. We can explore what your talents are and how to use them to your advantage. With personalized ADHD coaching, you can strike your balance with The Force. 

Using my cognitive neuroscience super powers, I help clients better understand their own brain, accomplish goals, and strategize for success.


"Ready are you?"


ADHD Coaching FAQs

+ What are the benefits of seeing an ADHD life coach?

With an ADHD life coach, you can:

  • Improve time, calendar, and task management habits
  • Work on perfectionist tendencies and discover when a job is "done enough"
  • Lower stress and manage attention
  • Get out from under the guilt & shame cycle of not getting stuff done
  • Decide what's important to tackle and what obligations it might be time to let go of

Every meeting is an opportunity to focus on yourself and the improvements you want to make in your life. It's a chance to pull out of the weeds for a broader view.

+ What happens in ADHD coaching? What can I expect?

Individual coaching gives you a one-on-one opportunity to discuss concerns, explore options, come up with practical life improvements, and learn more about yourself. Life changes that stick often require forming new and better habits-- and a coach can help you navigate and stick to those commitments.

We often start discussing your current goals, what may be holding you back, and how to achieve those goals. We may set longer term, big-picture goals, as well as creating a specific goal for each meeting. During subsequent meetings we will follow up with the previous week's tasks.

+ Can I get coaching for someone else's ADHD?

Absolutely! ADHD coaching is not only for people who have ADHD, it is for anyone whose life is affected by ADHD. Some people come to coaching to work on their relationship with their ADHD child or spouse. They can learn more about how their loved one’s brain works and how to be helpful to them instead of butting heads.

If you’re not interested in trying coaching yourself, you may also sponsor the coaching for a loved one. (Though they must be interested trying in coaching and making life changes for coaching to be effective.)

+ What's the difference between a coach and a therapist?

Psychologists and therapists are especially helpful to cope with depression, shame, past trauma, and other negative feelings (some of which can tag along with ADHD). Life coaching focuses on future and goal-oriented exploration, planning, and implementing practical strategies to live and work better your best. With coaching, you can look towards the future and improve your quality of life.

+ Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance companies don't cover coaching. But we can schedule a free consultation call to discuss how I might be helpful to you and to discuss rates.

"Brittany has very practical, reasonable, and useful advice, often all at the same time."

-- Anna G.


"I'm a former Wildland Firefighter who wanted to start a business selling souvenir T-shirts to firefighters. I wasn't sure how to go about doing it, so I spent years wondering and procrastinating. 

"That's when Brittany stepped in. She didn't know what fire shirts were, but that didn't matter. She listened as I explained my idea and what I thought I needed to do to get started. In just over an hour, we had a solid plan to get me out to a fire. She was great at getting to the heart of the matter and laying out the appropriate steps to accomplish my goal. The most important thing was knowing what I didn't need to be worrying about. There were so many things I thought I had to have in place first. It took an outside perspective to get me to realize that I could be ready to start almost immediately. 

"That hour or so coaching session was more productive than the years I spent trying to do it myself. I ended up making it to a couple fires that year and selling out each time. I'm now branching out into other avenues of shirts too. I highly recommend Brittany if you're trying to get a project or business off the ground, or if you're stuck in a rut and need a point in the right direction."

-- Eric Barker, Owner of Smoke ScreenPrinting