How I work

I use online booking and payments, even if we meet in person. All my sessions are prepaid, using my booking system.

I recommend that clients purchase coaching packages or subscriptions for a few reasons:

  • Paying for an appointment every time you schedule is a barrier to entry and can distract from our coaching goals. (It keeps our mind on the money instead of the outcomes.)

  • It’s too easy to procrastinate making a new appointment when there isn’t an external reason to do so

  • Coaching benefits are uniform from each meeting: they have their most benefit collectively. The regular follow up and work you do and your mindset shifts in between meetings are the most important part!

  • People often feel better after one meeting, but very little is actually changed after a single meeting. With the pain gone, but no change, the motivation to try something else is often low.

  • To encourage options that improve coaching goals, I offer a considerable discount on coaching packages and subscription.

If you purchase a package or subscription:

  • The sessions are added to your Coaching Account, inside my booking system

  • You won’t ever lose sessions you’ve paid for

    • If you’re too busy, you can skip one or schedule two in one week— it’s up to you.

  • Schedule sessions on your Coaching Account at your leisure

    • You want to book the next 4 weeks at once? Go for it!

  • You can check your Coaching Account balance at any time

    • (from “Change/Cancel Appt Link”" in your confirmation email)

You’re not required to use the appointments on any particular schedule: once purchased, the meetings are yours to use as you choose.

Talk about WHY don‘t want to just pay for one session.&&&&

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Traditional Coaching

Traditional Life Coaching involves meeting weekly, for approximately an hour, for at least 6 months. Real life changes often require regular reminders, and takes around 6 months to stick. That’s why most life coaches will recommend that clients start with a 6-month commitment.

Coaching involves setting goals, and following through with those goals. That’s why each meeting will start with asking about your previous week’s “action items” and will end with asking what you’d like to be responsible for our next meeting. For those who would like more frequent accountability, take a look at my coaching extras

Coaching also involves self exploration— discover how you really work best and how to avoid your personal pitfalls. Exploring a topic takes up the bulk of our meeting time. Unless we’re woking on a very linear topic, you’ll bring the topic you want to work on to each meeting— ideally aligned with your bigger picture coaching goals.

Cheerleading. Someone to celebrate with you.

I offer two durations for traditional coaching:

1-Hour Coaching

1-hour coaching sessions are ideal for clients who know precisely what they want to work on and are just looking for smaller tweaks in their productivity. Often those who do well with 1-hour meetings are those who have been coached before and are comfortable keeping on topic. (Read the 2-hour description to decide if 1-hour meetings are right for you.)

** add about verbal processors**&&&&&&&

You can purchase 1-hour Coaching Packages here.

2-Hour Coaching

2-hour coaching sessions are ideal for clients who have a lot of stuff they want to work on. Examples of clients who benefit most from 2-hour meetings are:

  • Technology clients who have a complicated workflow they want to go over with me.

    • This allows a little extra time for trouble-shooting and setting up new systems.

  • College Students and older Teenagers

    • There’s often a lot to cover and shorter meetings don’t allow the time for hands on activities, like looking over course requirements and strategizing how to finish that term paper without succumbing to procrastination.

  • Newly diagnosed or under-treated ADD/ADHDers

    • There’s a lot of discovery and learning here. Then we need to figure out how to apply that to your life and work. It takes the pressure off a little to have a little longer to explore and create new systems and strategies.

  • People who want the best deal in coaching

    • Because so many clients who really need 2-hour coaching sessions are college students, the cost difference between a 1-hour meeting and a 2-hour meeting is negligible. But anyone can decide to try 2-hour coaching.

You can purchase 2-hour Coaching Packages here.

Coaching Extras

For some people, weekly coaching isn’t enough or they just want to enhance coaching results with other meeting types.

15-minute Quick Check-in Calls

If you’re looking for more accountability between coaching sessions, Quick Check-in Calls could be a great way to go. My clients have used Check-in Calls for:

  • Having accountability in-between coaching appointments. “Yup, I finished my assignment!” or “No, but I only have 2 more tasks, and I can do them at lunch.”

  • Getting out of the door on time for work/class, etc.

  • As coaching maintenance: After you’ve completed your goals and decided that regular coaching isn’t needed anymore, this can be a great way to retain accountability.

Quick Check-in Calls are intended to supplement regular coaching (either congruently or after), so I recommend looking at a Deluxe Coaching Package that includes both traditional coaching and check-in calls.

Hybrid/Work Sessions

Deluxe Coaching Packages

Parent Consultation Packages

Subscription info:

Coaching sessions can take place a variety of ways-- just select from the options when you book each coaching session. Although you will need to book each coaching session, you can book multiple sessions at one time.