+ What happens in coaching?

In coaching, we meet and talk about what isn’t going the way we want it to go, try to assess why it isn’t going the way we want, and then make a realistic plan to try something new. Subsequent meetings usually follow up and refine the previous habits, or address new topics that come up.

+ What's the difference between a coach and a therapist?

Psychologists and therapists are especially helpful to cope with depression, shame, trauma, and other negative feelings that can tag along with ADHD. Some psychologists can also be good coaches, but therapy is supposed to focus on healing negative feelings. Coaching focuses more on planning and implementing practical strategies to live and work better. My coaching style is particularly information and action-oriented.

Coaches and consultants vary widely in their training, certification, and specialties. I have a degree in cognitive neuroscience, so I try to help people understand their own brains better. I emphasize how to work with our brains by creating realistic, sustainable lifestyles and habits. I also work to help you create a life that's a good fit for you.

+ Where would we meet?

I usually meet clients in the conference room at my Fertilab office space in Springfield, (just barely past Franklin). Special arrangements may be made to meet at the downtown Eugene location, or in Portland when I'm there.

+ What do I do next?

  1. A Free 15 Minute Q&A Phone Call. No commitment, ask me anything.
  2. Schedule a Test Drive Meeting. This is a regular coaching session, but discounted to encourage you to try it out. Maybe that's all you'll want to do. Maybe you'll want to meet with me again. You're in charge.
  3. Coaching to achieve your goals and rock your life.