ADHD Coaching is a great treatment option to get under control and start doing great things! I work with clients in Eugene (Springfield), Portland, Oregon, and by phone or video chat. 

I understand the ADHD Brain

Through studying cognitive neuroscience and working with people diagnosed with ADHD, I've learned a lot about how ADHD brains work best. I've learned to spot common pitfalls early. ADHD Coaching cultivates understanding and compassion for our brains. This will enable you to work better and live a more fulfilling life. 

I'll coach you to work with your ADHD, instead of against it

ADHD brains aren't defective, they're just different. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. With personalized ADHD coaching, you can find your balance with The Force. 

Using my cognitive neuroscience super powers, I help clients better understand their own brain, accomplish goals, and strategize for success.


"Ready are you?"


Types of ADHD Coaching


Learn about Group Coaching & Workshops

Get even more support and more ideas to work, be, or parent your very best!

Begins in April 4th in Portland. Register now!!